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Patient Management

The new GAP agreement has created several challenges and particularities for physicians who were already involved in patient management. It is therefore important to look at these issues and understand how they affect different types of practice. A balance must be struck to ensure that each type of practice is carried out efficiently and optimally.

In this episode of the baladoïde, we return to the basics of patient management. Our experts analyze the advantages of choosing the more traditional way of seeing patients. They also explain the big issues at stake, as well as the small details to which we need to pay more attention when managing patients.


Christina Campion

Christina has been a Senior Medical Billing Advisor at for four years and knows medical billing inside and out. It is with great enthusiasm that she joins the podcast team as a host. Her experience with customers allows her to get the answers to your questions. Listen to her lead the guests on the podcast with the same skill with which she advises her key clients.


Nicolas Bellemare

Director of business development and expertise at, Nicolas Bellemare has a law degree and is the former president of Médijuris. Having started in the medical billing field in 1996, he now has nearly 30 years of experience. Recognized throughout Quebec for his knowledge and sound advice, he now shares his expertise on all platforms through the baladoïde.

Vincent Picard

Senior medical billing advisor specializing in general practitioners at, Vincent has many years of experience in the medical billing field. He has extensive expertise in the rules and regulations and is dedicated to helping physicians optimize their billing and maximize their revenue, while providing superior, personalized service.