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Effective Medical Billing: Tools That Make a Difference

In this new episode of’s podcast, we delve into the world of efficient medical billing, highlighting the tools that make a difference. You will discover how to optimize the use of these resources to significantly reduce the time dedicated to billing. We take a nostalgic look back at the famous castonguette and carbon paper to better appreciate the evolution of methods. Explore modern solutions that simplify medical billing and uncover lesser-known tools that could revolutionize your practice. Don’t miss this informative episode on the effectiveness of medical billing.


Nicolas Bellemare

Director of business development and expertise at, Nicolas Bellemare has a law degree and is the former president of Médijuris. Having started in the medical billing field in 1996, he now has nearly 30 years of experience. Recognized throughout Quebec for his knowledge and sound advice, he now shares his expertise on all platforms through the baladoïde.


Dominic Senay

Dominic Senay, the former owner of FMP Information Services, currently holds the position of Director of Medical Billing and Expertise at With over two decades of experience in medical billing, he has specialized in all medical specialties, thereby establishing an unquestioned reputation in the field of billing. His top priority is ensuring service of impeccable quality.

Rosalie Dionne

As the Medical Billing Coordinator for family physicians, Rosalie is a strong asset within the team, where she has contributed her expertise for the past six years. Her pivotal role involves ensuring the optimal management of billing for family physicians. Thanks to her experience and dedication, Rosalie plays a key role in’s mission to deliver high-quality medical billing services to its clients.