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What's New in Family Medicine

Billing for general practitioners who are involved in patient management is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex with the new agreements that have been negotiated. In the midst of newsletters, updates, and communiqués, it can be difficult to understand the intricacies and personal impact that these will have.   

In this episode of the baladoïde podcast, our experts demystify the agreements surrounding patient management in family medicine. They will explain how to adapt your practice to make the most of these new billing arrangements. From group enrolment (Inscriptions collectives) to timely access (Accès en temps opportun), GMF-AR and the guichet d’accès à la première ligne (GAP), all facets of the most recent agreements will be explored. 

  • Infoletter 141 | New letters of agreement regarding access to front-line services and interdisciplinarity published on August 12, 2022 
    • Amendment 195 
      • Letter of agreement # 368 to Increase Access to Primary Care Services and Interdisciplinarity 
        • Group Registration for Patients Waiting at GAMF 
        • Access for patients without a family physician – GMF-AR 
        • Timely access for patients registered with a family physician 
      • Letter of agreement #370 regarding the payment of lump sums to second-line physicians 
      • Letter of agreement #372 regarding lump sum payments to first line physicians 
      • Letter of agreement #374 regarding increasing access to population-based walk-in services in non-GMF settings 
      • Letter of agreement #376 regarding the payment of lump sums to physicians who practice with specific clienteles 
  • Infoletter 325 | Consultation Registry Entries under Letters of Agreement #381 and #382 published January 23, 2023 
  • Infoletter 320 | Timely Access for Patients Registered with a Family Physician: Transitional Arrangements published January 20, 2023 
  • Infoletter 313 | Revised Ambulatory Geriatric Hourly Fee and Responsibility Bonus Payments published January 13, 2023 
  • Infoletter 301 | Payment of lump sums for access to front-line services and interdisciplinarity published on December 22, 2022 
  • Infoletter 282 | Obtaining Orchestrator Reports Required for Billing under Letter of agreement #368 issued December 13, 2022 
  • Infoletter 268 | Remuneration in a Non-Traditional Ambulatory Site – Letter of agreement #382 issued December 8, 2022 
  • Infoletter 267 | Remuneration in a Designated Population Clinic – Letter of agreement #381 issued December 8, 2022 
  • Infoletter 258 | Letter of Agreement #376: CLSC Home Support Program issued November 30, 2022 
  • Infoletter 257 | First-Line Service Offer and Interdisciplinarity: Supplement to the Volume of Patients Enrolled, Withdrawals and Clarifications published on November 30, 2022 
  • Infoletter 209 | Changes to the Calculation of the Number of Bundles Allocated for Group Enrollment published on October 17, 2022 
  • Infoletter 195 | Registration in a Physician Group: New Form and Clarification published October 6, 2022 


Nicolas Bellemare

Director of business development and expertise at, Nicolas Bellemare has a law degree and is the former president of Médijuris. Having started in the medical billing field in 1996, he now has nearly 30 years of experience. Recognized throughout Quebec for his knowledge and sound advice, he now shares his expertise on all platforms through the baladoïde.


Élise Goyette-Gingras

Medical billing coordinator for family physicians and holder of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, her clients have benefited from her expertise for many years. She knows how to decipher the RAMQ’s letters of agreement and communicates their content to the various physicians she advises. Colourful and a good listener, she now shares her knowledge on the baladoïde.

Vincent Picard

Senior medical billing advisor specializing in general practitioners at, Vincent has many years of experience in the medical billing field. He has extensive expertise in the rules and regulations and is dedicated to helping physicians optimize their billing and maximize their revenue, while providing superior, personalized service.
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