Elite Plan

It’s easy. Simply use the application to enter your billing data and let our experts do the rest.

The Elite Plan has all the same features as the Solo Plan, plus:

  • Unlimited Assistance

    You’ll have unlimited access to our expert advisors and technical support team

  • Analytics

    Your data will automatically be scanned for any errors and analyzed to compile metrics for your practice

  • All the Latest Information

    You’ll receive constant updates about new rules and changes that affect your practice

Service Fees and Options

Elite Annual basic fee per doctor $ 2,055 
Benefits + Data entry
+ Moonlighting
+ Fellowship
Adding a physician during the contract $ 150 + Applicable fees
Contract practice incorporation fees $ 250 All-inclusive
Importing data from other systems Contact Us
Declined cheque or pre-authorized debit $ 50 By operation denied
Remote additional training $ 150 per hour + Applicable fees
On-site additional training $ 200 per hour + Applicable fees
Ressourcements billed on paper by our agents $ 25 per form
Continuing education billed on paper by our agents $ 25 per form
Travel fees billed by our agents $ 50 per claim (Round trip)

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First, contact one of our expert advisors.

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They will register you online with the RAMQ.


Sign up for pre-authorized debit (PAD).

Complete the pre-authorized debit (PAD) form.

Then either fax it to our team at
email it to facnet_support@facturation.net

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