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81$ per month, per doctor

Be independent, use our secure app for your billing
  • Technical support
  • app
    EMR e-billing

    EMR integration

    Shortcuts and automated functions

    Grid templates

    Automatic validation

    Secure messaging

    Batch modification

    Business intelligence module

    Module to register patients

    And much more

200$ per month, per doctor

Just enter your billing data and our experts will do the rest
  • Features from the Solo plan, plus:
  • Dedicated experts
    Support and consulting

    Billing optimization

    Validation of data before it is sent to RAMQ

    Reconciliation of error reports

    Account statement analysis and correction

    Personalized claim correction follow-up

    Communication with the RAMQ and your staff
  • Tailored training in medical billing
  • Annual summaries and tax documents
  • Custom reports
  • Non-RAMQ billing (extra)
    Out-of-province claims

    Private insurance claims

    Immigrant and refugee claims

    SAAQ claims

    RAMQ patient registration

Priced based on your practice

Our experts will handle everything, including data entry!
  • Features from the Elite plan, plus:
  • Receiving your digital or paper billing data
  • Data entry

Residents, fellows and moonlighters, check out our special offers!

If you’re starting your practice, you should surround yourself with billing experts you can trust from the very start. Residents get free access to our solution and services for six months.

Fellows and moonlighters get free access for the duration of their fellowship or moonlighting.

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Specially designed accounting services

  • Management of your practice’s plans
  • Distribution based on your pooling rules
  • Management of annual budgets and expenses
  • Collection of doctor contributions
  • Preparation of year-end documents
  • Complete bookkeeping