Web Application

Browser compatibility

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome

Mac OSX Firefox


Menus - offer quick access to all sections

Advanced grids – help sort, group and export data to Excel and PDF format

Multi-column grid format – select preferred number of columns

PDF documents page – include new operations (e.g. checkboxes for performing an action on a document, etc.)

Patient list – generate by search criteria and use to find patients or invoices

Personal notes


Procedure billing

Hourly rate billing

Mixed remuneration billing (per diem)

Flexible procedure entry based on mode of practice

1-day billing grid ideal for office, external and emergency

Billing grid ideal for hospitalized patients (supergrid X number of days)

Versatile traditional individual claim


Claim templates

Billing grid templates

Quick lists





Weekend, evening, night and statutory holidays modifiers added automatically (option can be activated or not)

1st line emergency on-calls (general practitioners) modifiers added automatically

Importation of a previous grid – accelerates billing

Automatic assigning of the last diagnosis, last hospitalization date and last CSST accident date for a patient

Automatic calculation of units and modifiers for anesthesiologist

Automatic combination of multiple modifiers


Validation of time periods between procedures (e.g. 90 days between two primary visits externally)

Validation of duplicates

Validation of Health Insurance number

Validation of procedures vs. Institution

Validation of procedures vs. Modifiers

Validation of procedures vs. Role

Validation of procedures vs. Age

Validation of procedures and modifiers vs. weekend and statutory holidays

Validation of referring physician

Validation of hospitalization date

Validation of the CSST date

Reports and statistics



Hour rate

Claim list available online

Statement of account available online


Export formats



Delimited text




Patient mini-record

Listing of RAMQ procedures

Listing of diagnosis

Complete listing of professionals of the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ)

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Facturation.net offers more than any other billing solution.

Contact us for more information, for a group quote or to request a demo.

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