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Toll-free : 1 866 3FACNET
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Toll-free : 1 866 3FACNET
(1 866 332-2638)
418 622-4747
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Frequently Asked Questions

In a word: No. We’re here to save you time. That’s why we fill out all the documents you’ll need to register with RAMQ.

With our easy-to-use entry tool, it takes just a few seconds to input the information required by RAMQ. As soon as you send your request, you’ll receive a message from RAMQ confirming the amount to be paid with a detailed description of the amounts.

Our Customer Service team is here to help. All you need to do is send them a request to or call 1-866-332-2638 (1-866-3facnet).

We aim to provide you with clear, accurate information. That’s why we have a highly qualified team with experts for each medical specialty. Our advisors speak your language and are always available to discuss your needs. That’s why is the most comprehensive medical billing service in Quebec.

If you go to the “Plans” section of our Website, you’ll find a “Plan Selection” tool. With just a few questions, this tool will identify your situation and point you to the right plan. You can also talk to one of our expert advisors. They’re the best reference when it comes to smart advice.

The recent changes introduced by RAMQ have an impact on all medical billing software, across the board. In the interest of transparency, the team chose to implement all of the RAMQ changes early on. Our proactive team communicates directly with RAMQ on a daily basis to stay up to speed on the latest changes and offer you the best advice. We also have a team of developers working hard to ensure the RAMQ changes have minimal impact on how you use the application. As we make this transition, our team is always available to answer your questions and help you with your billing.

Our priority is to provide you with secure, optimized billing. Our new 2.0 application uses over 30,000 simple and complex validation rules to make sure your invoices comply with RAMQ's billing manual. We update our software on a regular basis. This means RAMQ changes and the evolving needs of our clients are always taken into account. With, you’ll enjoy simplified billing that’s always RAMQ compliant.


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